Bootstrap is a framework designed to make it easy to design the front end in websites using Java, HTML and CSS. The framework contains CSS based templates for buttons, tabs, forms, navigation and a lot more. The framework is 100% mobile friendly and allows you to decide how each element reacts when the screen scales up or down. Bootstrap makes it very easy to build beautiful mobile friendly websites. The project also provides a CDN supported version of the CSS file that you can use for your website. This means that the CSS file doesn’t load from your hosting but rather from the closest server that is part of the CDN network. This allows for faster loads times. And a better user experience.

The bootstrap framework was original designed for twitter before the creators decide to open source it.

Bootstrap is used by a very high number of websites around the web.

Should I use boot strap for my next project?

bootstrapYes. Bootstrap is often a good choice if you want to design a new website. The framework is well designed and can be used to create very well optimized and SEO friendly websites. Using Bootstrap also makes it very easy for some one else to continue the work on the website at a later date. If you hire a designer that develops a website without using a well known framework then it can be hard for a new developer to continue on that work if the old developer is no longer available (or if you do not want to use him or her.). It can take a long time for the new developer to understand the system and they might want to rewrite portions of it if they think is poorly constructed. If you use Bootstrap then there are thousands of developers that can start work right away knowing exactly how the site and the framework is designed.

The bootstrap framework makes it very easy to use a long row of different types of elements that come predefined in the CSS code. This allow you to build advanced websites very quickly.

Is it bootstrap easy to use?

Yes. Bootstrap is easy to use and provides very good instructions on the official websites. There were a few things that I thought was contra intuitive when I first started using Bootstrap but you will soon get used to these things. When you do you will be able to build websites quickly and easily.

It is very easy to find help if you are unable to achieve the desired result when using bootstrap.

Is it easy to design the mobile version of the website using bootstrap?

Yes bootstrap makes it very easy to decide exactly how you want different elements to move, scale and reorder themselves depending on the screen size that is used to view the website.

Where can I find bootstrap?

Bootstrap is available on the official website,

Are there any drawbacks to using Bootstrap?

There are drawbacks to any framework. Bootstrap is not an exception from this rule. One of the largest drawback with Bootstrap is that it is a large framework with a lot of functions. This is usually a good thing but it can be a drawback if you are building a simple website. If this is the case then you will end up with a website that has very bloated CSS files. CSS files that contains a lot of rules that you do not need. This problem can partly be resolved by creating a custom CSS file by choosing which elements to include and which to exclude but the end result is usually a file that is less bloated but still more bloated than it would have to be.

The Bootstrap also requires a number of external resources that can slow down your load time and have a negative effect on your speed score.

Bootstrap is a very good framework for building large advanced sites but is not always the best choice for smaller websites. Use bootstrap when suitable but be willing to build websites without using bootstrap when that is a better option. Bootstrap should be a tool in your arsenal to use when suitable. That does not mean that you always have to use bootstrap.