Hiring a free lancer

When you decide to hire someone that can help you develop or run your website you can chose between using a service provided by a company operating in the local area or  hiring a free lancer. A freelancer is some one who do not work for a company but rather work for themselves. There are a large number of free lancers inside and outside our country. There are a lot of very skilled freelancers available to be hired. People who are qualified to be hired by a company in the business but that chose to remain freelancers because they are able to earn more this way or because the prefer the freedom that this affords them.

freelancerTo hire a freelancer can be a great way to be able to hire a skilled worker for a fair price since there is no middle man looking to make a profit. If you hire a company then they will bill you considerable more than they pay their worker. If you hire a free lancer then you will pay that free lancer more than he would earn if he worked for a company but considerable less then a company would charge you.

Many companies would argue that hiring a freelancer wont give you the same guarantee, the same service as you get with a larger company. This is not true. There are reliable freelancers and unreliable companies.. The most important factor is who you chose to do the job, not if they work for a company or not.

A benefit of hiring a company is that they have a lot of workers with different specialties and can offer you a complete package. You can however achieve the same goal by hiring several free lancers and managing the project yourself. This can be a good option if you have a tight budget and can spend the time necessary to manage them. It will be up to you to make sure that the different freelancers work along the same lines toward the same goals.

Hiring foreign freelancers

There is nothing wrong with hiring foreign freelancer. Many of them do excellent work. They produces websites of the same quality as top of the line agencies at a fraction of the cost. You should not be afraid to hire a foreign freelancer if you can find someone who can provide you with what you need.

Finding the best price

The best price should not be your primary concern when looking for a freelancers. There are a lot of good cheap freelancers but there is also a lot of bad cheap freelancers. If you allow the price to dictate who you are going to hire then it is likely that you will end up with an unfinished project or a poor product. There is nothing wrong with hiring a cheap freelancer but you should not use the price to decide who to hire. Look at the resumes of all freelancers and discard all who do not seem to have the qualities needed to finish your product in a satisfactory way. When you have a list of qualified freelancers with a good reputation then you can choose the cheapest of them.

Checking in on the freelancer

It can be good to talk to the freelancer once in a while to see how the project is going to be able to spot problems early. But you should never check in on them daily or try to micro manage them. Remember freelancer chose to work as freelancers because they like the freedom it offers. They do not want a boss.

upworkHaving good regular communication is good. Pestering all the time is not. Talk to the freelancer and set a schedule for communication that you are both happy with.

Finding a freelancer

It is vert easy to find a freelancer. There are a number of websites online that works as marketplaces where employers can post projects for freelancers to bid on. A good example of such a marketplace is UpWork (Formerly oDesk). They make it very easy to find and choose a freelancer. They allow the freelancers to bid on your project and provide you with all the tools you need to chose the right one including ratings from former projects they have worked on.